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For maximum use of space and table real estate, a L-shaped desk may be just what you need.

Many executive desks are made in a L-shaped configuration. Busy office executives need all the room they can get and office table real estate is regarded as a premium.

L-shaped desks are not just for office executives. They make great home office desks too. For those who have the luxury of setting aside a sizable room in their house for a dedicated office, a L-shaped desk is an excellent choice. While the size and the comfortable leg room available is a plus, the ability to get more done with everything readily accessible on the desk is a huge benefit.

Often, a modern L-shaped office desk is coupled with matching drawers on castors to provide storage for paperwork most used during the normal work day. Because the drawers are on wheels, it can easily be moved to the most convenient location away from your leg area.

Many manufacturers of these L-shaped office desks even make the L shaped configurable. You can choose to orientate the L shaped to the left or right side depending on your room layout.

For home office setups especially, the size of a L-shaped desk warrants the need for you to measure the available space carefully before making your purchase. It would be more troublesome to have the furniture arrive at your doorstep and find that you are not able to fit it in the office space than to take a minute or two to measure the dimensions of your office table area. Keep ample space for your office desk chair to roll around without knocking on other furniture or the wall.

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